Create an alias with a button

Hi all,
I would like to create a button to create/modify an alias

So that you can get my question a bit better, here is what i ultimately want to do :

i do web design, and i work by projects.
i use FolderShare, a great freeware which enables me and my 2 co-workers to sync various directories, over the internet.
let's say we work on a new project, say P1
within one of thoses sync directories, i create a P1 directory, that will be used as a temporary directory for that P1 project
Let's say i created a few buttons using an alias "current_project"
one would copy files to the directory "current_project"
one would go to the directory "current_project", copy with a filter, etc.
if i had such a button, i would just have to go into that P1 "synched" folder, click on it and then

i would have a set of buttons to copy to that P1 directory, go, copy with filter, etc. (thanks to the newly created/modified folder alias...)
improving a lot the workflow

Thanks for you help, and your thoughts