Create button to copy a folder to active Lister?

Hi all - I have stored a template folder (with a special icon) in my list of templates, and would like to create a toolbar button which copies that folder to the active Lister pane (directory). I can't just create an empty folder with a specified title, as the icon has to be non-default, so I am going to have to use an instance of this folder as a template.

I now know how to create a button but when I typed "copy" into the Filter Commands field of the Customize (Toolbars) window, I became totally confused by all the choices available, none of which seemed to fit my need. What I require is Copy [a template folder] from [Source directory] to [here - the currently active directory].

I thought of using a Copy File button, but that kind of command is used for copying from A to B, not A to here. Or maybe a "User-defined command" (why is this disabled so I can't use it?). I've searched the Forum and read the User Guide, but am still none the wiser.

I could waste a lot more time struggling to find the answer myself as I don't understand DO that well, so would appreciate some explicit guidance here. I'm sure that when I understand how to do this simple task it will give me a lot more confidence in other areas of DO. Thanks in advance.

Copy D:\Template\Folder HERE

Thanks jon for that super-quick response! :slight_smile:

I know this is a stupid question, but which Command button do I select for this? I can see Copy, Copy As and Copy File, for starters. Does it matter? I assume your answer means "go into the chosen button's Edit field and paste this string there". Thanks for elucidation.

You aren't just limited to modifying the existing buttons (although you can if you want) - you can make a new button by right-clicking an empty spot on the toolbar (or drag the 'New Button' item from the Customize dialog).

Muchas gracias! Worked like a charm. Much simpler to create a brand new button in this way than to trawl thru the list of included buttons.