Create duplicates of search results in their folders?

I found it difficult to express the question, so it probably needs elucidation
So, lets say that there are 100 results from a search
Each of the resulting files is stored in a different directory
I want a copy of each file to be created and stored in the same folder as its sibling
Can dopus do this?

I'd say yes.

Copy TO={filepath|..} WHENEXISTS=rename

Thank you for your reply.
How / where do I use your suggestion?
Am I able to state a suffix for the renamed copies?
Can you recommend a book, video or website tutorial for me to learn this stuff?

I intend to add the suffix ' - CONTENTS' to all the copies.
I also propose to retain only the first 20 pages in each of the copies.
Can dopus also help with either of these tasks?

It's best to include details like that in the initial question. :slight_smile: Luckily, in this case, we only need to slightly modify the first answer.

The Copy command has an AS argument for specifying the name of the copied file:

Copy TO={filepath|..} AS="{file|noext} - CONTENTS{file|ext}"

thank you again.

That saved me a load of time and opened up a load of future opportunities.

Copying and pasting the command from your reply worked perfectly.
However, when I looked at Reference > Command Reference > Internal Commands > Copy I can find no mention of "{filepath| . . } or {file|noext} or {file| ext}"
I can see what the expressions are doing and could repeat them like a monkey but where could I learn more?

The manual has a Search panel on the left.