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Create folder from clipboard contents and moved selected into folder

I have tried to make a button / command to move a highlighted item/folder/etc. into a new folder that is created by the contents of the clipboard. However whenever I use this button, it only randomly seems to work. I seem to have the most trouble with PDF files. Below is the command and the results


Now normally with most objects, it seems to work, but notoriously with PDFs, whatever I have copied it only appears to capture the first word - For instance "Install Windows 10.pdf"
I have copied the file name and highlight the file, and then use the command listed above. It creates a folder named "Install" in the same directory, and then an error window pops up and states "An error occurred moving 'Install': An unknown error occurred."

I know I can use other commands to move that file into its own self titled folder, but I;m just using it as an example.

What am I doing wrong?

Put quotes around the {clip} code to make it work with spaces in the filename.

Its infuriating that it was that simple. But thank you so much!!!!