Create hard links from file find results


creating hardlinks from a file find result is not possible.

Feature request?

E.g. I search for all ABBA wav files on my hard disk (sorted in different directories) and I want to overwork the ID3 tags with Tag & Rename, so I've just tried to copy hardlinks into an own directory (and open this one directory instead of loading the whole collection tree ...),

and I've just tested if Tag & Rename works with hardlinks ... yes, but ... when I rename the files from the tag, the original file does not change. So sooner or later I have to load the whole collection tree.

Any idea?

=> DOpus should support ID3v2.3+4 in WAV/AIFF files and all columns if possible. :wink: Then I could work on the file find result directly. :wink:

Can't you just drag the list of files into Tag & Rename? Seems like you should be able to in a dedicated tag editor. If not, that seems like a better feature request (for Tag & Rename) than creating a mess of temporary hardlinks to workaround the deficiency in T&R.

How come you're using WAV/AIFF and not FLAC or WMA-L or ALAC?


Maybe you are interested in using

I don't know the details yet but I know that WAV read/write of ID3 is supported.

I also know nothing about license and right problems.

Maybe for DOpus 11 (incl. more columns too). :thumbsup:

This reply should be before my previous reply - but forgot to submit ...

You are much faster. :wink: I did a lot of requests and from time to time it will be done.

  • I rip all from CDs into WAV with EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Extra overhead to convert them.
  • Until a few days ago FLAC, etc. was not supported by the dj software (Serato Scratch Live).
  • FLAC has no ID3 tags. I don't want any mixture of tagging systems between the MP3 promo download files I receive and others.
  • Different tagging systems = different solutions by any software I use.
  • FLAC is not supported by misc. DJ cd player when I play USB.
  • FLAC is not supported by my car radio
  • ...

So WAV is still nice and compatible.

Reading ID3 in WAV/AIFF is not so complicated. A few file seeks until you find the "id3 " sub chunk - that's it (splitting the ID3 stream is the same as in MP3 files). If you need any help I can help you. :slight_smile:

Maybe there is also a way to rename the original file when a hard link will be renamed?

Nope, two hardlinks may point to the same data but they're different file entries so their names are unrelated to each other.

I don't think hardlinks are a sensible way to deal with this limitation in T&R, to be honest.

That is what I mean.

I'm not so deep into Windows/NTFS as you, but isn't it possible to scan all file entries which point to the same data?

Or let's say, rename also all other file entries (when possible) which point to the same data?

I don't think for T&R only. Maybe a feature sooner or later. Not so important. :wink:


In case anyone bumps into this very same question: ln.exe may be used to rename all hard-link siblings.

I use this button for that:

@confirm:Do you really want to rename all sibling files?|Yes!|No.
@sync:powershell.exe -WindowStyle hidden -Command "& ln.exe --list '{filepath$}' | Select -Skip 1 | Get-Item | Rename-Item -NewName {'{file$|noext}' + $_.Extension}"