Create hierarchical multiple folders

In the 'Create Folder' dialogue it would be great if in addition to the 'Create multiple folders (comma-separated)' there was also an option to 'Create hierarchical multiple folders (comma separated).

For example, with this option - entering the text 'Supertramp,Breakfast in America' would create the folder 'Supertramp' containing a sub-folder called 'Breakfast in America'. If the 'Read new folder automatically' is set then it should open the lowest folder in the hierarchy - in this case 'Breakfast in America'.

A minor change that would speed up my workflow as I work with my music files a lot :slight_smile:

Opus can already do this. :slight_smile: Try using a backslash instead of a comma. For example:


will create a moo directory and then create a cow directory inside it.

Hey logrunner... this is off topic, but if you also find yourself wanting to do additional things with directory structure creation... aside from being able to do what Nudel just pointed out... if you've already got a directory structure that you want to replicate, you can copy the whole thing without any of the files using copy filters (with match Folders Only) or you can look at Porupines PathDup utility... all sorts of ways to make directory creation a little speedier :slight_smile:.

Thanks a lot for this - easy when you know how :wink:

It obviously didn't leap out of the page at me (and still doesn't) when reading the help on CreateFolder.

The good think is the instant help from you guys on the forum - it is much appreciated :slight_smile: