Create macro or script?

I've done neither but I'd like to simplify two repetitive tasks.
Click to view image
Rt click to rename file

Rt click to delete file

Additional question: Where in the manual can I find step by step information on creating macros?!Documents/Editing_the_Toolbar.htm

Thank you for that helpful link.
In customizing the toolbar within the Image viewer I've added buttons to Rename and Delete but can't find command to Save File.

If you want to copy something out of a menu on to a toolbar, the menus can be edited the same as toolbars to see which commands they run. Or you can right-click an item and use Copy, then right-click somewhere else and choose Paste.

All the viewer commands are also documented here if you need something slightly different to the menu items (but File > Save already exists so you can copy that).

" Save any changes you have made to the current image. Use with the quiet option to replace the existing file silently. This command is unavailable if the image is not in one of the formats that Opus is able to save (currently PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF) - in that case, you can use saveas to save the image in one of those formats."

However, SAVEAS is not one of the commands.

Yes, I can right click within the standard viewer but I'd rather have my most common commands available in an easily locatable position.

It's the very next one down?

Yes, this numbskull (me) can see it in the help file but not on the command list.

That command list doesn't have everything. There's an almost infinite number of commands which can be created. Use the menus in the Button Editor's advanced mode (multi-line mode) for a more comprehensive list which you can built up from commands and arguments.

But you can also copy the command you're looking for here from the viewer's File menu, as I mentioned above.