Create new folder named by marked and to be moved folders


I'm sorting my mp3 and got need a button to put equal named folders with "... CD1" &"... CD2" to a new parent folder at the same place, which should be named as the child-folders cutting of the nonequal part of name.
Clear...? :wink:

I've not been able to change found create folder buttons named by {file$} and similar.

Some what of that...:
[ul][li]Create folder named NEW[/li]
[li]Set variable foldername$ by name of first (?) marked folder[/li]
[li]Set newfoldername$ with [foldername$ shortened with 4chars from right] (cut of " CD?")[/li]
[li]MOVE marked folders to the folder NEW[/li]
[li]RENAME folder NEW to newfoldername$[/li][/ul]
Reason for need is my big multi-cd collection mp3 put to the folder \various artists.
MusicCollector9.5 new is able to link mp3-albums, but multi-cds have the need to find belonging albums in one parent. :frowning:
The workaround to correct false reading single albums is very inconvinient.

Thanks for helping... Eike

Can be closed. I did it by hand. PUHH!

Greetings, Eike