Create Self-extracting Zip File

I've been using Powerdesk and then ExplorerPlus for a number of years, but I am looking for a more up to date and even flexible Windows Explorer alternative and so am evaluating Opus. The only thing I haven't been able to find out how to do, which I can do in these products, is to create a self-extracting zip file, i.e, a .exe file that I can email and which the recipient can extract without needing to have an unzip utility installed. Is there any way to do this in Opus?

The Zip library Opus uses doesn't support creating self-extracting Zips so the only way to do it would be to make a button in Opus which runs an external command.

If we could get this sort of functionality in Opus I'd probably ditch PowerArchiver and IZarc (evaluating now) and stick with Opus zip support.

What's the actual point of self-extracting archives? Who these days would not have an unzip program?

My two cents...

Yes, in this day and age everyone should certainly have an archive/zip utility (at least one :slight_smile:). But like many a 'computer person' I know, I regularly get drafted as my friends and family personal tech support. Being able to redistribute application updates in an 'installable' self-extracting archive without having to give them instructions on where to copy things, or how to RMB drag and drop and extract regular zip files, or then how to run a .reg or .inf file or whatnot saves me so much time that if I did not have zip utilities that could create such archives I would damn sure go and find myself some sort of 'installer/packaging' application like InstallShield, Setup Factory, or NullSoft scriptable install system or something. These are people that call and tell me they're having "a problem with their Microsoft" and scratch their heads when I tell them to double-click on my computer.

Yes, I need the ability to create self-extracting exe files for the same reason. I've got Setup Factory, but I find it quicker to create a self-extracting exe file usually once or twice a week.

You could make an Opus button which runs a free a tool like this:

(I don't know if that's the best one, it's just the first one that Google returned.)

In terms of setup programs, Inno Setup is worth looking at. It is free, simple and pretty cool. Its scripts can be set to add everything in the current directory to a setup program which might make it work well in this situation, although I imagine there would be some other things to work around and something like the program above would be an easier bet.

Thanks, nudel. Zip 2 Secure EXE looks a good choice.