Create shortcut in other pane

On my XP installation of Dopus 9, I have somehow managed to set it up so that when I select "Create shortcut" for an object in one of panes, the shortcut is created in the other pane. I love this feature but can't figure out how I did it and would like to enable it on my Vista installation. I've trawled through the settings options and there jumps out as being the solution.

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Copy Makeshortcut

Are you the same Darwin of DonationCoder fame?

[quote="edbro9"]Copy Makeshortcut

Are you the same Darwin of DonationCoder fame?[/quote]

The same... :wink:

Thanks for the tip - I don't know that I understand it, though. When I log into the Vista machine I'll give it a go and post back here.

Settings - Customize - Right Click on toolbar and select New then New Button.

Right click on newly created button and select Edit. In the Function box put "Copy Makeshortcut"

Ah! That would work. What I'm after, though, is being able to select "Create Shortcut" from my context menu and have the shortcut created in the other pane. This is how it works in my XP installation. It's not a big deal - more one of those niggling mysteries that distracts me from what I am supposed to be doing!

That's also very doable.

Settings - File Types
Doubleclick "All Files and Folders"
Click on Context Menu then select the New button at the bottom.
Type "Make Shortcut", or whatever you want to name it, in the "Action" box
In the "Type" dropdown choose "Run an Opus Function"
Now type "Copy Makeshortcut" in the window.

Excellent! Thanks, edbro - exactly what I was after. I simply deleted "here" from the "Copy Makeshortcut" statement for the "Create Shortcut" field... Wonder how I came across that tip originally?!