Create shortcut of the current folder

This post came up when I searched.
I presume that the copy command switch MAKESHORTCUT is deprecated and superceded by MAKELINK
The command in that post does not seem to do what I want (though MAKESHORTCUT still seems active)
Rather it seems to create a shortcut to whatever is highlighted in the source folder.
From what I can make out the format of the internal command I need is like this


I cannot find any equivalent of CURRENTFOLDERVARIABLE in the COPY internal command notes

I can specify statically the current folder and that works.
For example:

copy "D:\Data\MultiCharts\2015" makelink

This makes a shortcut to the aforementioned folder location in the destination tab.
I just need a dynamic way of referencing the current folder.

I also what to get rid of the "- Shortcut" suffix in the name of the shortcut created. One step at a time....

{sourcepath} will get you the current folder's path.

Thank you Leo
I see this is an External Control code more details here for those interested :slight_smile:
In particular this is a code for passing paths
Thank you again