Create single buttons/menus for a specific Folder Format?

The screencap below shows my xplorer2 setup with 4 buttons -
each buttons triggers a customized "Folder Format" column layout --

and each is a "top-level" button requiring only 1 click to accomplish the objective ->
of instantly changing the columns and their widths & placements --

I don't want to "always" see the length of videos for instance -- only when I'm ready to view them --
otherwise, I only want to see the basic file information.
But I do want to be able to switch that view in an instant = Speed.of.Thought

I haven't figured out how to accomplish this yet in dOpus -
closest I've got is to configure 2 formats & uncheck the others --

requiring 2 clicks to accomplish the objective.

1 extra click (times) ...x... clicks/day = Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc. blah-blah.

I want to create the same thing in dOpus that I have in x2 --
a single button for each customized "Folder Format" column layout.

I could pile these into my context menu setup - but that strategy starts overloading the context menu,
and begins to requires a top-level menu that will auto-magically expand on mouse hover to reveal the desired objectives,
such as I've posted elsewhere that I've created for my multiple partitions/drives.

Thx for helps ~


There are lots of ways you can do it.

If you go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats you'll see groups for Content Type Formats and Favorite Formats. If you want to use either of these methods then:

[ul][li]The command to load a favorite format is Set FORMAT .[/li]
[li]The command to load a content type format is Set CONTENTFORMAT .[/li][/ul]

Alternatively, you can turn specific columns on or off. For example, the command to toggle the sound/video duration column is Set COLUMNSTOGGLE mp3songlength.

See Folder Formats for an introduction to the Folder Formats concept.
See Creating your own buttons for information on how to add toolbar buttons that run your own commands.
See Keywords for Columns for a list of the various columns you can toggle on and off.

Just create a series of individual buttons that run the format commands you want:

Set FORMAT=Movies


@steje - thx for the helps, mate

Customize > Rclick toolbar > New > New Button, then Rclick > Edit,
then in the Command Editor applet,

Function: Set Format=Movies

But upon exiting everything, even logging off/on, nothing happens when I click the button -
what have I missed? (I'm newb in understanding commands, variables, etc. :slight_smile:

Success now : I'd overlooked jon's post above steje's,
and the difference is that I was calling a function from the < Content Type Formats> category,

so I needed to make the command like so :


so ... I'm a pretty quick learner when you good people share of your time to help, Thanks so much!