CreateFolder won't allow backslashes to paste


I found a weird bug. I copy a path segment to the clipboard; e.g., "bob\letters\text". I then run a CreateFolder function, and paste that path out to the text box. What appears is "bob letters text"; i.e., the backslashes get turned into spaces. Note that if I manually type "bob\letters\text" into that text box, and run CreateFolder under, say, "C:\docs", then "C:\docs\bob\letters\text" gets created, which is correct. It just seems that pasting gets the backslashes altered into spaces. If this is a configuration option, I can't find it (nor can I fathom what it would be for, anyway). Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.

-- Steve

When you paste into the Create Folder dialog, Opus tries to help you by removing characters that aren't allowed in folder names automatically.

Unfortunately, it also removes the slashes, so you can't create multiple levels of folders at once without typing the slashes in by hand, at least until it gets fixed.

Thanks for the reply. I can't be sure, but I thought that it used to work, and then stopped working.

In any case ... You say "at least until it gets fixed". Is there a plan to fix it? (Say, at least an option to have it leave backslashes alone?) When I'm trying to duplicate a directory structure that's many levels deep, it's very cumbersome to have to manually replace the backslashes. This is particularly a chore (and a set-up for error) when some of the names already have spaces in them; it's easy to manually "replace" a backslash where a space was actually meant to be.


-- Steve

I'd be surprised if, now it's been brought up, it doesn't get fixed but I can't say for sure since I don't work for GPSoft and have no control over fixing stuff outside of my own plugins.

If you want to be sure it gets fixed and doesn't get lost in the forums, use the bug report form on the GPSoft site to send them an email that will get added to the database of things to fix.

I already did. Thanks. I'm torn between reporting every anomoly I notice to Greg and Jon -- heck, I have a list of about a dozen things I've seen that I know can't be right, but just keep quiet about them -- and between posting here. I don't want to bother the author guys with little things and would prefer bringing things up on the list, but I find myself very lost trying to navigate this forum and I'm very discouraged.