Creating a Collection within a Collection: no response


I've just noticed a (new?) bug. I simply created a new Collection and then tried to create a new Collection within it. Once done (input of name and confirmation), the listing does not update (an empty Collection would still display an empty list). Furthermore, it appears the program hangs as it does not respond anymore and soon enough turns into the usual WinXP unresponsive window where you can only click on the close button. Doing so allows to terminate the program as usual.

When restarting Opus, the Collection does contain the newly created Collection.

Another potentially strange bit: the first time I tried this, I added Members to the main Collection first and then tried creating another Collection within it. After restart, the inner Collection was there, but all the Members had disappeared, as if they hadn't been saved or were wiped somehow (not sure how Collection storage works, so...)

I've been able to reproduce this consistently: go to Collections, go to existing Collection or create new one at root, then create new Collection within an existing one.

Version and OS:
Directory Opus Pro (5080) x86
OS 5.1 (B:2600 P:2 T:1) SP 3.0 "Service Pack 3"

Please go to /dopusdata and then zip up the Collections folder below it, in case we need to look at what was in it (or you have collections that you want to restore after testing).

Then, open the same location in Windows Explorer, and fully exit Opus using File -> Exit Directory Opus to ensure it is not running in the background.

In Explorer, delete anything that was in the Collections folder (but leave the folder itself).

Restart Opus.

Do you still see the same problem?

If you no longer see the problem, please send me the zipped collections folder made earlier so we can take a look at what might have been causing the issue.

If you want to restore your collections, fully exit Opus again, unzip the collections folder (using something other than Opus, of course), then restart Opus.


I did what you suggested (backed up Collections, deleted dopusdata Collections folder content, started Opus again). Indeed, Collections are cleared, but no differently I'm still unable to create a Collection within a Collection without Dopus hanging on me. Of note, it seems the interface is responsive after the creation, but hangs once I try to navigate.

A few further tests and behaviors:

  • Trying to navigate within Collections = hangs
    ** Trying any other navigation method seems to hang too (I tried typing "/" or clicking the Parent Folder button)
  • In other pane, double clicking on folders does nothing, nor does pressing the Enter key
    ** Go To Parent button, Go Back button and Location bar still work though!
    ** Navigating through the "/" key (keyword shortcuts) is also functional
  • Accessing Collections in that other pane gives me a "reading folder" waiting bar... seemingly forever. Aborting is possible.
  • Trying to exit Dopus from that point also hangs it

Of note, I'm a user of Tortoise SVN and Tortoise HG (Mercurial). I tried quitting the latter with no changes, but it was still displaying icons, so... maybe it wasn't entirely turned off. I'll look into this further.

I've reproduced the problem now, after trying on a different machine.

I don't know if it's a Windows XP or a 32-bit issue yet but it should be easy to fix now that it has been reproduced.

Don't worry about investigating further, we can take it from here.

Awesome! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

We've tracked this down and fixes will be part of the both next Opus 10 and Opus 11 betas/updates.

(In case anyone is wondering, the issue only affected Windows XP in the end.)