Creating a folder

Hi to all,

first, congratulations to the author for this magnificient program.

i'd like to know how to make a quite simple thing with internal opus commands:

create a context command that:

create a folder with name of every file(s) selected (without extension) in the same folder of the file itself than moving file inside the folder.

for example, for a file "123.txt", create a dir "123" then move "123.txt" inside "123".

Thanks very much for the attention.


edit: I realised this can now (with the latest version of Opus) be done in one line

sync:dopusrt /cmd copy move {f} createfolder {f|noext}

the previous method:

sync:dopusrt /cmd createfolder {f|noext} readauto=no sync:dopusrt /cmd copy move {f} to {f|noext}

thank you very much for the attention; it works perfect.

Good 2006!