Creating a shortcut to a file in a library


If I open up a folder in a library on both sides of a lister e.g. :

lib://Pictures/New on the right.

I copy COPY a file by holding control and then dragging and dropping.
I can MOVE a file by holding shift and then dragging and dropping.
But if I try to create a shortcut by holding shift AND control, then dragging and dropping, I get told:

An error occurred creating link "Filename - Shortcut.lnk:
The operation is not supported by this VFS.

If either the source or the destination ISN'T a library then it works fine. The workaround is to create the shortcut on the same side of the lister, and then move it across but can anyone confirm whether it is a bug or just a problem on my setup?

Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next beta.

Another workaround is to right drag&drop the file and choose 'Create Shortcut Here' from the context menu.

Excellent. Thanks for your help.