Creating subfolders inside 100 present folders

Hi folks.

Once again I hope you will be able to help me out on a little problem.

I'm creating a command in DOpus that is supposed to do the following when I'm in a lister with 100 sequentially numbered folders:

  1. Go into the first folder and paste the content of the clipboard (contains 3 folders I've created in DOpus) or use the CreateFolder function to create 3 new folders.
  2. Exit the present folder (parent)
  3. Enter the next folder in the lister and repeat the process 99 times or as long as there is folders in the current lister.

I've tried a little thing here, but I can't advance properly to the next folder (and I'm a DOpus script amateur) :smiley: :

Clipboard PASTE
Select NEXT

I hope someone have a working suggestion.


You have to edit the button if the names of the 3 folders changes, but this will create three folders inside each selected directory:

dopusrt /CMD CreateFolder READAUTO=no NAME ""{file$}\sub-folder 1" dopusrt /CMD CreateFolder READAUTO=no NAME ""{file$}\sub-folder 2" dopusrt /CMD CreateFolder READAUTO=no NAME ""{file$}\sub-folder 3" @nofilenamequoting
Note: I'm not sure why you need two quotes (instead of one) before the {file$}. Might be a bug.

If you're watching the button run you'll see it create "sub-folder 1" in every selected folder first, then "sub-folder 2" in every selected folder and then the 3rd one in every selected folder.

Be careful not to select some files as well as it'll probably result in an error or a folder that you don't want.

Thank you very much Leo. Works like a charm :slight_smile: