Creating tabs based on searches

I have a lot of files for the same "subject", ebooks, .csv files for anything from Amazon Purchases to Goodreads Library Downloads, Calibre Catalogs, bank records, etc. I have become a data horder.

I tend to use flat view because I might have a parent folder containing (an example) child folders based on the file content/source and the year and it's easier to just see everything at once (based on my column settings)

Documents > Book Files > Amazon > 2013 , 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

I was wondering how I can create tabs based on date search results.

I guess I am not sure how to do a search and turn the results into a static tab. I know I can search by key words, but I tend to get some odd results. For example, if I want to search for all files that are .html when search that ".html" I get anything that has html in either the name or the content.

I dont' know how to search for files without the folders, and how to search for files by modified or created date.

Is there some kind of primer other than the user guide (which I just now thought of) or a command button that I can use to create better searches and create tabs based on the results, and finally create a button that stores those searches so I can use them again later?

I have been using DOpus for so long I forgot how to use Explorer, and I know that I need to streamline my listers and toolbars, and understand the nuances of searching, libraries, and groups. I am just plugging a search term in the bar and it's hit or miss. I have been using "everything" for searching when I just need to find something, but it would be nice to get to understand the advanced uses of DOpus.


Use the Find command with a Filter and the SHOWRESULTS argument.