Among the list of new features for was the ability to crop images. I must have something configured incorrectly because I don't get this option when using the windowed viewer (though I do get the cross-hair and can highlight a rectangle) and in full screen I can't get anything but the right-click context menu which does not include any relevant options that I can find. I also don't get a cross-hair cursor and have found no way to highlight a rectangle.

I suppose this comes down to several questions. 1) In full screen mode, how do I get a menu other than the right-click one? 2) In full screen mode, how do I highlight a rectangle? Accomplishing those things, I'm hoping I'll find a "crop" option on the menu.

I think you can only crop images in the Standalone Viewer window and not in the docked Viewer Pane.

How you select a rectangle in the Standalone Viewer depends on your left/middle mouse button settings as defined in Preferences / Viewer / Standalone Viewer. You can set either of them to Select clipboard region, or you can set them to something else and then use shift + left-click.

Once something is selected you can crop the image by either pressing Ctrl-R or via Edit -> Crop from the menu. (Not the right-click context menu but the standard menu at the top of the viewer window.

If the viewer is in full-screen mode then the menu at the top should appear if you click the top row of pixels. (i.e. Push the mouse pointer as high as it can go and left-click to reveal the menu.) If that doesn't work then bring up the right-click context menu and ensure that Menu Bar is checked.

Similarly, clicking the buttom row of pixels will reveal the viewer toolbar (if it's enabled).

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Thanks. I was missing the "click" part of getting the menu to come up. It's working fine now.

I had this typed already to respond to a different thread, which is now gone from the forums. This is just as good of place as any to share this.

How to save part of a displayed image from the Opus Viewer Window[ol][li] Open your original image in the Viewer Window.[/li]
[li] Select the area you wish to save.[/li]
[li] Right-click in the Viewer Window and select Crop from the context menu, or press Ctrl+R.

The displayed image will then change to only the selected area. At this point, nothing is saved.
[li] If you do not like the cropped area (i.e. you were little off with your selection), press Page Up once and Page Down once to reset the Viewer Window to the original image. Repeat steps 2-4, until you have a selection you like.
[li] Once you have a selection you like, right-click in the Viewer Window and select Save As from the context menu or press Ctrl+Shift+S.
[li] Choose a file name for the cropped image.

IMPORTANT: The default file name and image type are those of the original image. If you do not change either the filename or file type, you will overwrite the original image with the cropped image! This may or may not be what you want to do.
[li] OPTIONAL: Choose a file type (and a quality for JPEG images) for the cropped image. The default image type, is the same as for the original image.
[li] Click the Save button to finally save your cropped image.[/li][/ol]

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