CSV-Viewer (table form layout) (32-bit only)

This ViewerPlugin lets you preview CSV-Files in table form within the Dopus-ViewerPane.

It should work under 32bit Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Current Version: 1.1.3 (11.02.09)

Please take a look at these files:
readme.txt => further information and usage
history.txt => changelist

Referring to this post, please use my PlugIns only with DOpus or higher! I'll limit the usage to this version in a further release. Thanks.

CSVViewer.zip (529 KB)

Thanks Dinkelhopper

Thanks for this wonderful plugin! Will help me a lot!
I've encountered a bug (error message) while scrolling down the upper list using the scrollbar slider (not the mouse wheel!). When I click on the slider the attached error message pops up. I have a german DO, the message would be something about "Error creating the window device context".


[Admin Edit: Image removed as I think what it showed is fixed now and it was making the page really wide. --Leo]

I have this alert too... only in panel...

And i have another one... some seconds after closing panel...

And if file are display in panel and you open file again with SHOW command... little glitches :confused:


could you please define step by step how to recreate the 'Invalid Window Handle'-Exception? From starting DOpus to Exception Raising. Thx in advance.

  1. open DOPUS
  2. select csv file and open pane
  3. use vertical scrollbar
  4. sometimes message is diplayed after some seconds/minutes
  5. close Dopus completly to display alert

About bug found by BenjaminW

  1. select csv file
  2. open it with the show button in toolbar (standalone viewer)
  3. close standalone viewer
  4. now open pane and play with vertical scrollbar

Thanks for your assistance. I'll check this asap.

You got a PM (in german :wink: )

It's done :smiley:
Please let me know, if this bugfix works for you.
New Release 1.0.1 added to my first post.

bug fixed...
Only bug about standalone and pane viewer in the same time persist...

Hmm, I can't reproduce this any longer - this bug had the same reason like the other one. :confused:

Hi Dinkelhopper,

really nice and usefull! Thank You!

Works here also on wwin2k, add this to your supported OSs-list.. o)


Thanks for this information. I've updated the list :slight_smile:

  1. select csv file and open pane
  2. now open it with standalone viewer

and viewer display nothing.

And same problem about version in about window :wink:

Now requests... :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. add separator in ini file
  2. add option to autosize column in ini file

Version 1.1.0 released (Post #1).

I'll try to fix the pane/standalone-bug in one of the next releases. It's not as easy as I expected :confused:

A full AutoSize-Option is not possible because I have to check every string that is added to the Grid separately. And that would be low-performance for a Viewer-Plugin. I realized it another way and hope it will be adequate.

Many thanks Dinkelhopper...

Hi Dinkelhopper

Great idea and a very useful viewer!

Today I stumbled over a small problem. When the Header Row contains quotes the data is not loaded into the grid.

This is not loaded. It will be loaded if you check "No Header Row":


This data is loaded without problems:




That does not seem to be a big problem. I'll have a look on it tomorrow.

Okay, the bug is fixed.

New Release in Post #1.

I don't think there's a way to now - and it probably hasn't come up with a lack of MANY plugin's being developed, but looking at this I thought it might be nice to be able to do something like:

Set VIEWPANE Toggle,"plugin=CSVplugin"

...or some such business - basically to be able to do a one click viewerpane toggle AND select the plugin to be used.

You can do that with the standalone viewer window (Show PLUGIN=xyz) but not, AFAIK, with the viewer pane.

You know what to do. :slight_smile: