Ctrl-C to copy the names of Preferences options

The notes for the beta included:

...which, while something I had requested some far off time ago, I just didn't know about - and think is great (mainly as a boon to ppl here on the forums who want to help others by pointing them to useful options).

But I notice it doesn't work on the Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents page... The controls on that page are evidently ~different than those on other pages as it has the older win95 style dashed selection borders encasing the option you're checking/un-checking... whereas other prefs pages with checkbox controls don't show that - and incidentally work properly with <Ctrl+C>. You also get a tell-tale "ding" sound when trying to <Ctrl+C> items from this page.

If it's something you're inclined to "fix"... I'll re-check the rest of the Prefs pages to look for anything similar. A belated "thanks" again for the feature, quite helpful!

That page is actually a (borderless) tree control, not standalone buttons & checkboxes, in case the list ever grows so long it needs to be able to scroll. We haven't written the ctrl-c code to handle that case; it's more a hidden feature for us (and anyone else who posts to the forum a lot & needs to quote settings names) than anything else, so we only bother to write custom code to handle more types of controls when the hassle of doing that is less than the hassle of typing the option names manually. With the list on the Advanced page, we found we were typing them a lot, so we wrote the custom code.