Ctrl+drag drop


In explorer if you hold down CTRL then drag and drop a file it will make a copy of the file (effectively a quicker version of copy/paste).

In DOpus you can't do this. When you hold down CTRL and click on a file nothing is selected.

SHIFT+drag and drop (which moves the file) works ok.

Is it an omission or is there something I am not setting?

Works fine for me, at least in Details mode.

Have you changed the Ctrl-Drag & Drop event in filetypes?

I see the problem.

DOpus expects you to hit CTRL after clicking and dragging.

Explorer allows you to hold down CTRL then click/drag and drop.

i haven't this problem ???

I can click both before and after.

(Unless the file is already selected, in which case clicking on it with ctrl held will deselect it, leaving nothing to be dragged.)

Yes, that's the problem ... it's not the same behaviour as Explorer.