Ctrl+F in Viewer Pane for PDF's/Word Docs

When the Viewer Pane has the focus and I click Ctrl+F to search text within a PDF or Word Doc, I do not get the ability to search the document. If I try this with a .txt file I get the ability to do that. Is there a way to search a PDF or Word Doc the way you can with a .txt file? I didn't know if this was possible with a plugin or some other way or not at all due to limitations in place by a 3rd party such as Microsoft.

The closest support thread I found on here was this: https://resource.dopus.com/t/ctrl-f-in-text-viewer-plugin/231

The Word and PDF viewers are not part of Opus. You should see exactly the same viewers in File Explorer's viewer pane. What they do when you push Ctrl-F is up to their developers (e.g. Microsoft and Adobe, in the most common cases if Word and PDF viewers).

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