CTRL-V in Search Dialog in Source Code Viewer


I have a roblem with the latest Version of DOpus and Source Code Viewer.

If you copy a text with CTRL-C and then open a Search Dialog inside the Soruce Code Viewer with CTRL-F and then try to insert this text in the Search dialog with CTRL-V, the text don't appear in the Dialog it will be pasted inside the text on the last position of the cursor.


I'm not sure if Jamie is still updating the SCV plugin but if you want to get his attention it's best to post in the topic for the plugin. I think he's subscribed to it by email, but not sure if he reads the main forums regularly.

Hi nudel,

I am pretty sure that this is not a plugin-problem.
Because I tried it with the last official version of the SCV and the new version 2 beta. And in both cases the behaviour is the same.


Why do you say that? Something that only involves the plugin -- pasting text into one of the plugin's dialogs ends up pasting the text into the plugin's edit window instead -- isn't working in both versions of the plugin. Sounds like a problem with the plugin to me. :slight_smile:

BTW I deleted your standalone post in the Plugins forum. I meant for you to reply to the Source Code Viewer thread within the Plugins forum, not create a new post (which Jamie probably won't notice). I've pasted what you wrote into that thread for you.