"Custom Browser" in advanced settings with user-specified command line

Would it be possible to have a "browser for http help interface" in advanced settings with a custom command line? If empty DO would use system default, if non-empty use given. Or maybe instead of just http help, DOpus could use that for all links it starts, something like "custom browser command".

Reason: I use Virtual Desktops a lot and when F1 is pressed, system switches to the first default browser it finds, usually on a different VDesk, to open a new tab then I have to move the tab to the VDesk DOpus is on. The workaround, starting a new browser window before pressing F1, then clicking DOpus back to open the help gets also pesky. With a custom command I can at least put some AHK in between or start another portable browser, which I have a ton of.

Doesn't this affect a lot of other software as well?

It seems like the browser should have an option to open a new window on the current desktop rather than switch desktops, to solve the issue more generally.

Indeed it does, you're right.

I found a solution though. A quick search revealed that Firefox supports an advanced seting (in about:config): browser.link.open_newwindow = 2.

Consider this done and thanks for the reply.

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