Custom button for filter


I create a filter which shows me all files that are changed within the last 12 hours.
I use it to highlight the files during I browse the directories.

Now I like to have a button, which showing me all files changed in the last 12 hours .

How can I add such a button to the toolbar respectively, how looks the code for it?
After clicking this button, a new tab should appear with all these files.

Thanks for any hint.


The button would look like this:

Find NAME=yourfilter FILTER SHOWRESULTS=tab IN D:\folder

Find NAME=12h FILTER SHOWRESULTS=tab IN D:\folder:
regrettably I get no search results. But i have for testing, changed 2 files.

What means in D:\folder ... Is it searching only on drive D?

If you're using Version 13, you could try following code (using the Everything search engine):

Find CLEAR QUERYENGINE=everythingglobal QUERY dm:12hours

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That might require Everything 1.5 alpha as well.

At least, for me with Everything 1.4, that command seems to list everything modified in 2012. :smiley: I think I saw that 1.5 has extended capabilities for this kind of thing, so it makes sense. Just mentioning it in case it causes anyone with 1.4 confusion.

(For people on 1.4 who want to install 1.5, remember you need to configure Everything to use the 1.4 API, as there isn't a published API for 1.5 yet.)

Hmm, yes, i didn't consider that. It seems, that there are other refined settings in 1.5, especially when working with EXIF stuff etc., in the database/properties tab of Everything.

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Did you create a filter named 12h?

If not, you need to do that for the command to work. You can create filters via Tools > Find Files / Advanced, or from Preferences / Filtering and Sorting / Filters. Test it out in the Find Panel to check it does what you want.

It would only search in D:\folder. You can specify multiple drives/paths if you want to search more things.

This will be an unindexed search, so it will take a moment to search all the locations you specify.

(OTOH, Abr's suggestion uses indexed searching via Everything, and searches the whole machine by default, which should be almost instant.)

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Thank you. Everything is fast as hell :no_mouth:
Is there a way to restrict the search/result to specific directories and file formats as well?

Regarding the code that works in the Alpha version, yes. An example:

Find CLEAR QUERYENGINE=everythingglobal QUERY dm:12hours D:\example E:\ F:\downloads

You can also exclude drives or paths, like in !G:\ !H:\Backup etc, which you would add to that command. For more detailed stuff check out following page (needs 1.5 alpha).

For formats you can use syntax like ext:jpg;tiff;bmp et cetera. Just add that to your command, as in the example above.