Custom Button Help - Find Filter/Quiet/Flatview

Hi all,

I'm attempting to make a button which drills through the currently active lister's structure, finding any folder named 'v###' (where ### is a three-digit version number), and sorts them all by full path (every subdirectory will have multiple folders v001, v002, v003, etc...some will only have one or two, some will have fifty and I would like them grouped by path instead of all of the v001's together followed by all of the v002's, etc.)

I have a Find filter, "VersionFolders", which searches for type=[folders only] and name = RegEX v[0-9]{3}. That bit works great.

What I can't seem to do, however, is avoid popping up the Find panel, put the results in a new tab, or sort by fullpath. When I click the button I get the panel, and clicking "Find" on the panel does the search but does not sort. Here's my code:

Find FILTER VersionFolders, RECURSE , CLEAR , SHOWRESULTS=tab , QUIET Set SORTBY=fullpath

I know that the "QUIET" argument is deprecated, but I tried it just because I don't know how else to hide the panel. Either way, it's not working.

Anyone care to clue me in? Feelin' lame this afternoon.


The command should be like this:

Find FILTER NAME "VersionFolders" RECURSE CLEAR SHOWRESULTS=tab IN {sourcepath}

This might work to change the sort column in the find results as well, although I'm not certain it will always be reliable: (It worked in a couple of quick tests, but that's no guarantee.)

Find FILTER NAME "FoldersOnly" RECURSE CLEAR SHOWRESULTS=tab IN {sourcepath} dopusrt /cmd Set SORTBY=Modified

Running the second line via dopusrt means it gets queued up and (hopefully) run after the tab with the find results has opened. Otherwise, it will run before it and change the sort order in the tab you started in.

(If that doesn't work, a way that definitely works is to edit either the general Default Formats / Collection folder format or save a folder format for a particular collection (e.g. Find Results), where you can specify the columns and sort order as you wish.)