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Custom column: What3Words Location


What3Words is a giant grid comprised of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares that cover the entire globe. It is the simplest way to communicate location.

This script reads the Lat and Long from an image and uses What3Words API to determine the What3Words address for where the image was taken.

Added columns:

  • Latitude as decimal
  • Longitude as decimal
  • Location as What3Words.

I was interest to see would allow for grouping of images by location. GPS data can be a little too accurate for grouping, I.E. all images in a single location. What3Words essentially rounds all values to to a 3mx3m.

Sample columns

Note, this scripts uses an external API provided by What3Words. To use this API you will need to register (its free), create a developer ApiKey What3Words Register and add it to your DOpus config.
I did have a key in the script but was asked to remove it by a What3Words representative. As I can not store the key in the script without making it public which they did not like.

WhatThreeWords.js.txt Version 0.3 (9.8 KB)

Older Versions

WhatThreeWords.js.txt Version 0.2 (9.4 KB)

Reading Latitude and longitude

I would love for this to work... I can add the columns, but they're all blank...


I neglected to mention you will need to register for an ApiKey from What3Words and add it to your dopus config for the script. Like this.

There should be a warning in the script logs indicating this, but that is not very clear. I have modified the script so that if the ApiKey is missing the What3Words column will say Missing ApiKey. This should make it a bit clearer as to why its not working.


Hey, that's awesome, it works now!

Thank you much!