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Custom Columns Type "star"


If a custom column with type "star" is set to "autosize" it is always sized to 5 stars, no matter what maxstar is set in the results.
Dynamic sizing to the max number of stars (like e.g. the dynamic sized filename column) would be desirable.


I can't reproduce that here - it sizes correctly for the number of stars.

What happens if you double-click the column header to autosize the column manually?


Column generated with my RegExpScript
MaxStars set to 10.

View after Column was added:

After Manual Resize of the Column (click'n'move with column boarder)

After Manual Autoresize of the Column (double click on column boarder)

View of the Config (Auto size turned on)


Your script doesn't seem to be setting the ScriptColumn.maxstars property, which is what Opus uses to calculate the necessary size.


oh, you're right.
I missed the requiremen to set maxstar property during the column init.

Thanks for the help, now it is working as expected.