Custom folder tree and source/destination/off liste border

Hi, can you add options to custom this...


What do you mean by transparent colour?

not really "transparent" but background system colour.

I'm still not sure what that means :slight_smile:

So you want options to:

A) Make the file display border look like the tree's border (i.e. use the system colour, grey usually).


B) Make the tree's border look like the file display border does at the moment (i.e. so it has a gradient fill that indicates source/dest/off status).

Is that right? Seems like an okay idea to me.

(Edit: Who thought B) was a good smiley sequence! heh)

ok :laughing:
see capture :laughing:
can choose the sytem color to right and left (the same as folder tree)

and where are the unselected/selected background color for folder tabs ?

and choose color for selected folder in hotpath link (file display border)

thanks nudel thanks :laughing: