Custom Infotips/Thumbnails/Viewers

I am an evaluating user. Directory Opus looks like a programmer's file manager, very flexible and configurable. I am wondering if the behaviours below can be possibly enabled or configured, and if so, generally how?

  1. Microsoft Office document previews are shown in the Viewer, but not in the Thumbnails. Can the thumnails use the previews?

  2. Can the infotip embed a large (i.e. full size) version of the image, rather than just the thumbnail?

  3. Can the viewer pane be in a seperate window, rather than in a pane? I want to be able to click on (or hover over) different images/files and have the viewer on another window
    (e.g. so I can full screen it on my second monitor) automatically update as I select files.

  4. The post at ... hlight=mtn showed how to use an external program (mtn) to generate thumbnail files for movies. This is awesome because I use it to generate "screens" of the movies. However it is currently a button which creates an image file in the current directory with a name corresponding to the movie file. Is it possible to have the viewer and/or thumbnail generator for movies call an external program and use an output file generated by the external program? Perhaps I am talking about a generic "Viewer Plugin" that calls configurable external programs and grabs their output and uses them for the thumbnail/viewer.

  5. Alternatively can I have the viewer/thumnbail generator automatically use an image file in the current directory with a corresponding filename name for the preview/thumbnail?

  6. Feature request: I've been using Cerious Software's Thumbplus for managing my multimedia files. One of the great features is when generating thumbnails for movies, there is an option to take the frame grab at x% of the way through the movie. I usually set it to 50 or 75%, which gives a better indication of the content of a file than the first (non-black)_ frame.

Not for nothing, but please post separate questions. It is easier to follow the threads & to give answers.

No. If you have the thumbnail view, the largest possible size is that, when the slider is on maximum size position, which is not the full size. At the moment you only can use one general size für all thumbnails, so you can´t have individual sizes.

  1. File -> File Commands -> Show Pictures is one way to open the viewer in a separate window.