Custom lister style opens the same folder

Hi, I am trying to create a button that would open the current tab in a new custom lister. The custom lister in my case has audio related columns and a metadata pane open. I managed to create a custom style, but unlike premade styles, this one always defaults to the same foder instead of the one I am trying to work with. Folder box in the "Edit Lister Style" dialog is unchecked (see below). Where did I mess up?

You wouldn't normally use a style to open a new lister, since styles affect the current lister.

How are you opening the new window?

Right now I am just right clicking on the tab in question and selecting "Open in a new lister". After than I am selecting a lister style from a custom menu. I assume there is a command to open a tab in anew lister, but I did not get to that part yet.
To clarify, I am trying to open a tab in a way that opens a new lister with a custom layout (one pane instead of two, and a metadata pane) and a different set of columns. SO I am guessing this would be a some sort of a combination of custom layout and custom folder style.

A layout is probably what you want rather than a style. (Or it could be done via commands alone.)

Going back to the style, it shouldn't change the folder(s) in the lefy file display, at least. Maybe the settings are different for the right file display, if you look in the other tab?

Arrgh, this is embarrassing. I was opening a custom lister that I made in my earlier attempts and which had the same name as the style I created. Which is why it was opening a specific folder. Now that I am applying a style, it does exactly what I need. Thank you very much for you help, Leo, and sorry for wasting you time.

So now that the other issue is solved I came to this problem. I tried to create a button that would: 1)open current tab in a new lister, 2) switch the new lister to a preset style. Here's the code:

The first line acts as intended. The second line, however is acting on the original lister from which the button is pressed. Is there a way make it act on the new lister?

Have a look at Embedded functions in the Help.

Regards, AB

[quote="aussieboykie"]Have a look at Embedded functions in the Help.
Ah, that did the trick. For whatever reason, "GO CURRENT NEW" would open a new lister but switch the focus to a second pane. And when the embedded style change ran, it affected the second pane, not the one I was interested in. But after I changed the first line to open a new single pane lister, everything is working as I want it to. The final code looks like this:

Go CURRENT NEW=nodual [Prefs STYLE=Audio]
Thank you very much for the help.