Custom lister themes repaint issue


I'm using the "Office 2003 Blue" Lister Theme.
It mostly looks very nice, but when browsing some folders, I get a visual glitch like in this image:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Looks like it's just tiling the toolbar image in the file display area. I doubt it's a bug in Opus, likely just a configuration issue (which may be due to the theme rather than your fault).

(If you mean the white Name column, that's not a bug either: The sort field is coloured by default. You can turn it off or blend if with the background if you want, and can also add colours for other fields in Preferences.)

Going back to the background image... If you click on the Folder Options button (on the right of the default toolbar -- icon looks like a window with a question mark in it) and go to the Options tab it will tell you which image is being used.

Images are defined in Preferences / Display / Images and at the bottom you can define which is used by default. This can then be overridden for specific folders and also for types of folders in Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats.

Remember that Opus 8 has a content-detection system that is on by default and will change to a different Folder Format if, for example, the directory has lots of image files in it.

Thanks that did the trick. I removed the repeated image by setting the background image to "< none >".