Custom Menus Gone

I had a couple of custom menus set up which disappeared when I upgraded to the latest version. Any way to get these back?

Hey Neil, it's possible that the unicode support related issue detailed in the topic here might be at play in your case. I could help you double check your registry to confirm this if you tell me what sort of context menu changes you made (what file type 'category' etc). Also, did you indeed try the settings Import/Export since installing the preview?

The installer replaces your existing lister menu (ListerMenu.dop) with the default, so you get any new items. Your old menu will have been renamed (or moved to a sub-folder) in your Buttons dir - in a Lister, type /home/buttons into the location field to go to your buttons folder and have a look for it.

...Which is why I turn off the default menus and toolbars and use my own instead, which I've named like Nudel-ListerMenu etc.

That way when a new Opus installs I get the new menus which I can turn on temporarily to look through and grab new buttons from (and see what's changed in old ones), but I don't have to fish my old toolbars and menus out of the backup directory.

Greg will probably hate me for saying this, and it's true that it's easy to miss a new default switch added to an old button somewhere, but if you keep an eye on the change logs you'll usually know about useful changes to make to your old toolbars.

Of course, it depends how much you customize your toolbars whether this is a good idea or not.

Ok, I've found my old menu in C:\Documents and Settings\Neil\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Buttons\Old8015\Old_ListerMenu.dop

It's a binary file. Can I import this? If so, am I going to lose 8.1 menu changes?

Figured it out.

  1. Import old menubar
  2. Drag & drop custom menus to new menubar
  3. Hide old menubar
  4. Take nudel's suggestion and rename new menubar.