Custom sorting?

When in Thumbnails mode, Windows Explorer (Vista and IIRC XP) allows the user to manually change the sort order of files. Example: Dragging a picture to another position inside the same window. This could be very handy if Windows Explorer remembered the changed custom sort oder until next session, for example when manually sorting a list of files by priority.

Does DirectoryOpus allow custom sorting?

A way to get this would be Custom Fields. For eample: In Details View, introduce a column which does number the files from 1 to the number of files in this folder. Then, when (with number column sorting active) dragging a file e.g. from position 14 to position 9 the number column is updated to the new sort order. Then, when clicking e.g. the Date column header the list is sorted by date, and then when again clicking the number column header the files get sorted again to the previous manual sort order. This would be very helpful!

This's been discussed in the past. Currently you can simply manipulate file names to get the effect you want.

Another way is to use NTFS tags for that.

You get the effect, however not as easy with as drag and drop.

Submit suggestion to GPSoft, if you definitely want it to implemented.