Custom thumb size

Want a custom thumb size ,which shall increase when pressing ctrl+,can use slider also want to it with keyboard

That's already part of the default config.

mean?,this feature is not there

In the default config:

  • Ctrl + =: Increase thumbnail size
  • Ctrl + -: Decrease thumbnail size
  • Ctrl + 0: Reset thumbnail size

Similar to Chrome and other web browsers.

(= and + are on the same key, at least with UK/US layouts.)

If those keys don't work in your config it could be for a few reasons:

  • Maybe an issue with international keyboard layouts. If so, you can edit the hotkeys via Help > Keyboard Map or Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys (both go to the same place).
  • If you're edited the config, the default keys may have been disabled or replaced by something else.
  • If your config comes from a very old version of Opus before they were part of the defaults, then they might be missing.
  • If you've imported someone else's config, they might have changed the keys.