Custom Toolbar active for just one folder (or two)

I created a new toolbar where i'm putting buttons to filter,group and sort files.

The toolbar should be active only for one folder. At the moment i added the command Toolbar NAME="Filtri" in the commands of the folder i put on my favorites toolbar,so everytime i open the folder from there,the toolbar appears.
But everytime i change folder the toolbar doesn't disappear. So i added Toolbar NAME="Filtri" CLOSE to every other folder i open from favorites.
The problem is when i change folder going back or up. Any idea of how i can do?

Another thing. I moved the toolbar on the left but i also need to align Tex on the left

Add a Path Format for the folder:

Set the extra toolbar you want to see when you go into that folder:


Nice thanks.
And to align text to the left?

ok but they were both about the toolbar and i still have many things to ask and i don't want to fill the forum with my topics :smiley:

Consider someone searching the forum looking for an answer to "how do I make toolbar text align to the left?". They are not going to open a thread called "Custom Toolbar active for just one folder (or two)" on the off-chance the answer is in there.

ok no problem. i found a temporary solution for that