Custom Virtual Folders?

Could Dopus itself be made to allow users to define their own Virtual Folders within Dopus that could be placed accessed in the folder tree at the same level as other System Virtual Folders... say the My Documents folder?

I love My Documents, but as so many applications like to stick their junk in this folder, it can get cluttered quickly with things I'd rather not have there. I can of course change some applications settings and use hacks like "regsvr32 /u mydocs.dll" to make the My Documents folder unavailable to some applications; but I'd much rather be able to customize my folder tree hierarchy so I can have frequently used important folders like "My Music", "My Apps", and "My Movies" folders right at the top of my folder tree... At a peer level with My Documents rather than actually inside of My Documents as Windows likes to assume people want things organized.

I don't think the Favorites/Smart Favorites quite provide this as you cannot browse the directory structure in the folder tree... and cannot make the folders appear at the top of the tree hierarchy.


I guess a good solution to this would be an option to put Opus Aliases into the folder tree. I can't see a way to do that in the current version, though.

Yes sir... that would be a sensible extension to the Folder Alias functionality. I looked at that right after Favorites but found that you could really only reference the aliases with function calls within Dopus. Another way would be to be able to browse the Favorites folders rather than have it simply serve as a folder tree "shortcut". Though I would still imagine people would liek to be able to place their important folders wherever they want them in the tree hierarchy, rather than statically located under the "Favorites" folder context.

Anyway, anyone else see merit in such a feature addition? And thanks for the reply as always Nudel...

You can already see the Favorites in the tree, you just have to turn them on (Preferences, Listers, Folder Tree):

Since I rarely use the tree, I've made a Go menu for this sort of thing (in addition to the usual favourites menu, to the left of it):

You can indeed see the favorites in the tree, it's just that you can't browse the favorites sub-directory structure in the tree as you can with any regular folder... and of course you can't control the placement of the favorite within the overall tree hierarchy.

Your GO buttons provide a similar quick access to commonly used folders also, but personally I rather like the folder tree and would love a greater level of control over where folders appear in the tree hiearchy... I couldn't see how to attach an image of what I'm talking about; guess standard users don't have the access to do this.

Anyone can attach images, you just have to host them somewhere. Put them on a web server then put the IMG tags round the URL. That's exactly what I do.