Customise Windows Panel Name

When you open a folder in DOpus the windows panel name - if those are the right words - is set to the folder name

By "Windows panel name" I mean the name right at the top of the panel, which is also the name displayed when you hover over the Dopus icon on the taskbar.

Is it possible to change the Windows panel name to e.g. parent/folder

The reason I ask is that I have a lot of folders with a subfolder named EMAILS in each. I have several of these open at the same time. So if I hover over the DOpus icon it shows several windows all with the same name (EMAILS) and I can't see which one I want

You can change it under Preferences / Display / Options, in the Lister title bar part.

Thanks for that.

I can see there that you can select the full path name, but is there any intermediate possibility - e.g first parent/folder

If I choose full path then, when I hover, I just get the first part of the path name (because the icon displayed when you hover has a limited width)

There are codes for some things (like the drive letter) but not for the first parent folder, unfortunately.

The list of codes can be found here (or push F1 when on that Prefs page): ... ptions.htm

you could also set the title via a script using the code.

Set LISTERTITLE "My new title"

tbone created a script that sets the label of a tab to a shortened path. I have updated tbones script to set the window title, see the last post on the linked thread. Have a look it should get you going.