Customization and .ZIP integration

I've created the following 2 buttons to extract .zip files into the current folder and a new folder...

Delete QUIET

Delete QUIET

... but they only work if I've activated DOpus as the default handler for .zip files. Is this correct or just a bug? I'd like to use WinRAR instead of DOpus but the buttons won't work if I do that.

Secondly, I've created a custom entry in the context menu of the ALL FILES AND FOLDERS file type to "add to zip". The desired behaviour would be that if I select 1 file, it creates the .zip file with the file's name. That works fine by default. But if I select multiple files (and/or folders), I'd like to be prompted for the filename. Is it possible to have a conditional approach to this or would that require a seperate command?


For the extract button question, you shouldn't have to have Opus set to be the 'default handler' for zip files... but you do need to have the Activate Opus ZIP file handling option enabled in Prefs.

For the context menu question, yes I think you'd need to use 2 separate buttons as there seem to be no command options to combine both the functionalities you're looking for.

The buttons should always work whether or not Opus is the default Zip handler or not, although they will always use Opus to do the zipping/unzipping.

If you want to use another program such as WinRAR then you'll have to call it directly using command-line arguments rather than call the Opus Copy command.

The default Add To Zip command that you can find in the Customize dialog will prompt you for the name of the zip file that you want to create. The command simply runs


Note that it will also ask you for the name of the zip file even if you've only got one item selected. There isn't a way to conditionally use the file's name if one file is selected but prompt if more are.

I've activated the "Activate Opus ZIP File Handling" but have not turned on the second parameter for "Make Opus the system default for handler for zip files". I can live with that in order to get the commands to work.

But with these options set and with the .zip File Type set to use WinRAR as the default app to run, when I doubleclick on a .zip file, DOpus opens it not WinRAR. Any ideas why?

Yeah - when you enable Opus Zip file support, it likes to add the Go command to .ZIP file dblclk event. You'd need to go into the Opus file type editor and change the dblclk event back to whatever WinRAR program call is appropriate... Since I use PowerArchiver, mine is set to:

"C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\POWERARC.EXE" "%1"

The correct program call for you/WinRAR might still be available for you to copy and paste on the Zipe files Actions tab in the file type editor... Look at what you have for the 'open' action on that tab, copy the text for the command, then go replace 'go' in the dblclk event on the Events tab.

You shouldn't need to do that - just delete the dblclk event and the standard open event will take over again.