Customize dialog shows different set of toolbar buttons

I realize this isn't happening for anyone else, but for me at least the toolbar customization is not working as indicated in help docs.

Settings>Customize displays a completely different set of toolbar buttons, making it impossible to edit anything. Once customize dialog is closed, the toolbars return to "normal."

I'm obviously doing something stupid/wrong, but can't for the life of me figure out what that could be.

How do I get the toolbar buttons to remain the same when I go from Dopus to the customize dialog, so I can edit them?


I think we need some screenshots here to see exactly what you're talking about.

Okay, here goes.

Top shot is a portion of the regular toolbar when Dopus is running, bottom is the same portion when in Customize.

How do I edit the buttons that don't display in the Customize dialog?

It looks like you have put a Favorites button on the top-level of your toolbar.

Favorites is one of several Opus commands that "expands" to generate multiple buttons when not in Customize mode. When you go into Customize mode these dynamic buttons collapse back into their root commands which is what you are seeing.

In the case of your screenshots, you have two groups of three buttons, followed by a separator, a shield icon, what looks like a PDF icon, and then to the right of that is the Favorites button.

You probably don't want that on the root level of your toolbar so just right-click it in Customize mode and select Delete to get rid of it (or drag it into a sub-menu if that's what you prefer.)

There are a number of tutorials on toolbar/button editing in the Tutorials forum here :

"just right-click it in Customize mode"

I probably wasn't clear. As in the screen grabs, the Favorites button disappears in Customize mode, so I am unable to right-click, drag, delete, or anything, really.

Do I need to be another mode to get rid of Favorites button and "Open in Tabs," which I also want to be shed of?

Thanks, Steve.

And thanks, Jon, too, of course. Didn't mean to leave you out.

This is your Favorites button:

Thanks, Leo. I knew it was a "user brain" issue!