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Customize Lister window title

Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie in Dopus 10 which I find a great software application.

I've a question which may have already been answered but I've been unable to find any clear answer to it.
I apologize if it has been.

Dopus Help says:
Custom titles can also be assigned on a per-Lister basis using a command, and will be remembered when saved and re-loaded as a Layout.

I already have a few Listers and I would their specific names to display as window title under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

How can I "assign custom titles for each of them using a command"?

Many thanks in advance for any help.



The command is Set LISTERTITLE and you can find a description of it here.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your prompt response.

How can I implement this command and can I do it for each of the listers I've already created?

Many thanks in advance.



There are numerous ways to run internal Opus commands. Here's a sample toolbar button definition that will place a "Set Lister Title" button on one of your toolbars. You can use the code below to easily add this button by following the simple instructions in this post describing how to add buttons to toolbars; specifically - the section that describes using XML button defintions.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" label_pos="right" textcol="none"> <label>Set Lister Title</label> <icon1>#setdefaultlister</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>Set LISTERTITLE {dlgstring|Set Lister Title}</instruction> </function> </button>
The button uses the command Jon referred you to, along with an Opus dialog to prompt you for the title you want to set the current lister to... Once you've done so, go ahead and re-save the layout for that lister and it will now remember the title you set when you reload a lister from the updated layout.

When you're done you can just delete the button from the toolbar, or move it to a sub-menu or someplace most convenient if you expect to re-use it in the future as part of updating your layouts.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Opus :slight_smile:...

Many thanks! Looks promising. I will look into it more carefully later.



Thanks to Jon and Steje.

Following your directions I've been able to implement instruction to permanently save Lister's name as window title.

Actually I did not use the xml way but I created a new button and I copied Label and Instruction values in Steje's snippet and pasted them into the relevant fields in Button Edit dialog. That did the job!

I'm very happy for your help.

I look forward to exploring the powerful, wonderful world of Dopus! :smiley: