Customize Metadata Pane and Script "Pane"

Hello, I have been using DOpus for a while now and it's great. I have some ideas for features that I would like to put out there, so here goes...

Customize Metadata Pane

You can customize everything in DOpus it seems - except the Metadata pane. I often don't need to see all the Metadata in the pane - so crowded! Often I only need a few key fields. Same goes for Metadata categories, don't need to see them sometimes. So, what would be cool:

  • Under Preferences, select which Metadata elements to display in the pane
  • Show/Hide Metadata Categories (Document Properties Heading, Picture Properties Heading etc.)
  • Always expand/contract the accordion effect (except of course if the Show/hide categories is set to hide

Script Pane

It would be nice to have a docked pane or panel - like the viewer or metadata - that was essential a script dialog. That way it would always be present, no popup. Imagine the stuff one could put in that little box!


Came on this forum to say the same thing about Customising the Metadata Pane. Hopefully commenting bumps this request up on the list :slight_smile: