Customize mode suggestion

Please add option to exit customize mode when in customize mode.
OK and Cancel

I'm not sure what you mean. The OK and Cancel buttons in the Customize dialog already do that.

Right, but which monitor is it on?

The customize windows always-on-top is great but gets in the way and overlaps, so I move it off somewhere.

And besides, why have a "customize" option when you are already customizing?

The one you left it on. You can use the taskbar to find it as well. Same with any other window.

Where are you proposing the OK and Cancel buttons go if not in the Customize window? I'm lost here.

I'm not sure what you mean. Which Customize option, where?

The one in Settings > Customize isn't going to go away just because you're editing the toolbar; it's part of the toolbar and might be the very thing you're trying to edit/move/delete/copy, so having it vanish just because you're editing the toolbar doesn't really make sense.

The other methods to reach Customize are pretty out of the way and not things you'd run into without looking for them, so I'm either missing something or confused by where the issue is.

It's the "customize..." in the context menu displayed when right clicking the titlebar or empty area of a toolbar, etc...
20210517 Customize is in context when customizing

I'm suggesting changing this context menu "Customize..." while already in customize mode to:

  • "Save and close Customizations"
  • "Cancel and close Customizations"
  • "Focus Customize Dialog" (maybe...?)

Also, switching between modes to see customization results requires reopening buttons and toolbars, then closing, and opening again... so this would be great (when NOT in customize mode) the context would have

  • "Customize..." as it is
  • "Reopen previous customize dialogs"

I think that menu item can be used to find the Customize dialog if you're already in Customize mode. Wasn't that one of the things you had trouble with?

Not so much "trouble" as making a suggestion to improve Dopus... I believe reopen-dialogs would be especially helpful.