Customize: right-click on files "context menu"

Can the context menu shown when right clicking on files and folders be customized in opus?

In the options you have the file types menu. You can customize items under the "files & folders" entry. It´s in the middle tab.

FYI in addition to what abr said about context menus for files and folders, you can also customize the Opus context menus that appear when you right click in other areas by going into customize mode and selecting the Context Menus tab.

For most software today, the efficiency of right-clicking to access an appropriately customized menu is, for whatever reason, lacking and next to impossible to reasonably circumvent. Finally discovering a way to control, even a secular part of this, is an exhilarating experience to say the least. Somehow, I feel like I've found an Achilles' heel in the mecca-software-giant, kingpin arena. I could only hope this idea becomes infections and proliferates throughout the entire software industry. And, while I'm wishing... how about the same control for all of the antiquated small open/save dialog boxes and similar that never seem to improve over time from upgrade to upgrade!

Thanks for this feature and to those giving advice how to use it "life just got easier!"

You can also use Opus to tidy-up most of the context menu items added by other tools, although it requires some poking around unless you just want to hide everything by default:

How about "Open in Opus"? Everything already does, so I only need "Explore"

You can't get rid of the default verb (it's what happens when you double-click).