Customize Toolbar

I have looked through the forum and the help file and can't seem to find the answer to this problem I'm having. Without creating another toolbar, is it possible to customize the "Drives" toolbar by adding folder shortcuts?

Yes, just use Settings -> Customize Toolbars, and you can then drag the folders you want on to the toolbar. Click OK in the Customize dialog to finish.

Perfect!! Thank you so much Leo. I wasn't leaving the "Customize Toolbars" window open when I was trying to drag and drop onto the the toolbar. I don't see an option for "Drive/Folder separators" though. Am I overlooking that as well?

Have a read/skim of the Editing The Toolbar page. It'll teach you that and some other basics that are invaluable and should all prove useful.

Thank you again Leo. I just added my separators successfully. I really appreciate your help. Have a great day.

If it isn't too late, it might be worth creating and using a copy of the original toolbar.

Then put the original away in a safe place.

I say this because once you get hooked on messing around with these things, you can quickly lose track of where you started.

It is also easier to pick toolbars with names that you remember.

Other people are much more adept with these things, but I need all the help I can get.

I didn't try that but I think it's possible to duplicate modified toolbar and then restore one of them to the original state.

I did look for a "restore defaults" but it wasn't obvious to me.

If it is there and I missed it, that feature is so obviously sane that it probably is in there along with other "restore defaults", then saving your tweaked toolbar with a new name and then restoring the defaults would work just fine.

I got into the habit of adding " - custom" to my toolbar names after I got myself completely confused, an all too easy event.

The standard toolbars can be reset to the defaults by right-clicking them and choosing 'Reset to Defaults'. You can also revert all toolbars to the defaults by right clicking any toolbar and choosing the 'Reset to Defaults' command in the Toolbars submenu.