Customizing a button

I have a button set up to rename multiple files. Is there a way to set it so the dialog comes up with a certain field highlighted?

Which field? I think it's possible for some but not all.

I would like it to highlight the entire 'old name' field. Just to save me a few clicks since I always end up starting with that.

There's a setting for that: Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: rename_default_focus

Thanks, Leo. Was this preference available on older versions of Opus? I don't seem to find behavior under preferences/miscellaneous/advanced

That was added in Opus 12.

But I think older versions put focus on Old Name automatically anyway? Maybe I'm misremembering; Opus 10 was a long time ago, if you're still using that.

Yes, I am a poor widow, I have so many old programs I can't upgrade but they still work for me so there I am.

The focus is on new name and only the name, not the extension. I suppose there's no work around?

As far as I know there wasn't a way to change which field got focus in Opus 10, sorry.

Okay, thanks so much for the info, Leo.