Customizing column filter & width preferences in folder pane?

how do I do this exactly? I want "modified" to be my leftmost filter field since this is what I normally click on when finding the latest item I've downloaded

also, can I specify the size of column widths for each field? Like "Type" "Size" "Date Modified" "Name" , etc

Firstly, you can just pickup and drag the column.

If you want to edit a specific folder persistently, then go to Folder > Folder options...
(up top in the menu bar, assuming you have the default one)

If you want to change folder display options globally then go to the Folder Formats page in Preferences.

ah okay i've found it ( SETTINGS → PREFERENCES → FOLDER → FOLDER FORMATS → USER DEFAULT (at bottom) → COLUMN → DRAG AND DROP REARRANGE) that's a lot of steps >_>

also I noticed that the column width = however long the longest named file is in that list


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Something about roads to Rome .. :grin:

lol I've been there, the old city definitely is a lot of walking around

You can just drag the column in the file display itself, then save that as the new default, as per the guide Jon linked.

There's also a YouTube video on column sizing if you want to learn some advanced options, like filling available space.