Cut & Past hardlinks

I'm evaluating Opus as a possible replacement for xPlorer2.

There are a couple of "unusual" X2 copy/paste operations that I use a lot

  1. Multipaste - this allows one to paste the clipboard into multiple target folders, after copying the source to the clipboard via Ctrl+C, one selects the target folders and then executes Edit->Paste Special->Multipaste (Alt+e,e,m). Is there an equivalent function in Opus or a simple way to implement such a thing

  2. Hardlink Paste - this allows one to paste hardlinks to what's in the clipboard into a target folder. Rather than using a CTRL+V to paste a copy of the files in the clipboard into the target folder, a Ctrl+Alt+H is used to paste hardlinks to the files that are in the clipboard into the target folder.

Unfortunately the version 10 help for hardlinks, symbolic links and junctions isn't available yet, and I couldn't see anything in the version 9 online help. As well as using the context menu more than most, I use hardlinks and symbolic links probably more than just about anyone.

  1. You can use Clipboard PASTE USESEL to paste into the selected folder, but it doesn't look like it works with multiple folders. If you want that, you could send in a feature request via the link in my signature.

FWIW, there are ways to copy the selected files in one file display into all of the selected folders in another file display, to accomplish the same thing in a slightly different way.

  1. Use Clipboard PASTELINK=hardlink (also supports softlink and junction; details here).

PS: Please ask one question per post, so it's easier for people who want to search for similar questions/answers.

excellent Ctrl+Alt+H now lives in Opus.