Cut & Paste not working

I did a thorough search for this problem, but found no specific solutions.
I cut/copy a lot of text from web pages opened in Firefox into other documents, but when Directory Opus is installed this feature disappears completely.
All other cut/copy/paste functions are unaffected, only when using Firefox.

When I uninstall DOpus all returns to normal. I scanned the FAQ on this site and read the manual thoroughly, but found no hints or clues as to what may be causing this issue.
I can't warrant paying for a product until I'm satisfied it will integrate seamlessly, so any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not aware of this issue but I can't really see how Opus could affect the clipboard in other programs.

A quick google on this subject throws up a lot of sites that seem to suggest fundamental problems with the Firefox clipboard support. Not using it myself I can't say whether they are right or not, but you may want to investigate some of their suggestions.

I have used Firefox from it's inception and feel that it is infinitely more secure and user friendly than anything that other browser IE can offer, consequently Firefox stays!

Well fine, be like that :slight_smile:

I've seen the problem as well. Sometimes Firefox simply ignores it when you press Ctrl-C. However, I know lots of people who don't have Opus installed who also see the problem. It's a bug in Firefox.

Oh well, thats Opus out the door!

Seems like a sensible attitude. Bye then!

You may mock, but I have been using Firefox from it's first Alpha, and have been totally satisfied that it offers a far more secure environment for browsing the net.
I write web applications for my bread and butter and have adequate experience of the thousands of flaws in IE, (first hand experience from version 3.0) As I am working hours at a time, viewing editing and modifying web pages/script/php and as my choice of browser IS Firefox, (which, incidentally, has never caused any problem of any description before!) then my decision seems quite sensible to me!
It is a shame as I really do like Opus, and have even been given a $40.00 discount voucher, but, as I say, I will stick to what I have first hand experience with, and as you can't be bothered to be flexible then it is goodbye!

Hopefully you'll be back to Opus when you find the bug in Firefox still happens when Opus isn't installed.

You could at least do me the courtesy of reading the original post.

I'm sure GPSoftware would be really pleased (and rich) if all of these people were using Opus, but they're not:

On top of the 5 or so people I know personally who also experience the Firefox clipboard problem from time to time and don't run Opus. It happens to me as well with Opus but, like I said, it isn't a bug in Opus! Perhaps Opus does something or other, like put a certain format of data into the clipboard, which triggers the bug in Firefox but it seems pretty clear that plenty of other programs can also do this and the problem is in Firefox.

This said, Copy & Paste usually works for me in Firefox. It's just an occasional thing. I don't know why it would fail all the time for you.

Does it happen even if Opus is not running? I don't know of anything about just having Opus installed which could break Firefox's clipboard.

I'm using Firefox 1.5 and have also used it since about version 0.6 with similar results.

I went back to Firefox 1.0.7 for reasons that are well documented, but that said, when Opus is not installed then all works fine.

Another point of potential interest is that when I have Opus installed, but NOT the default then cut/copy still works, it is only when Opus replaces Explorer that the problem occurs.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a real shame as there are so many exceptionally useful tools and utilities in Opus that I'm sure I could come to rely upon, but until one of us can resolve this issue (wherever it is) then Opus will have to wait.

I had trouble (like many others) with copy/paste in firefox 1.07 and 1.5. I traced it down to an extension which provided the ability to double click a text url (not a proper link) and open in a new tab. Removing/disabling this tab solved all my firefox copy/paste problems.

Perhaps there's an extension which is causing the problems you're seeing. Opus on it's own does not cause firefox issues here.

Very strange. The Explorer replacement setting, to my knowledge, will just change some stuff in the registry for the Folders filetype, so that Opus is the program that gets invoked instead of Explorer.

Seems unrelated to the clipboard but maybe Firefox is doing something strange to work with the clipboard, like using Explorer somehow and finding it via that part of the registry. That really would be strange, though! (Then again it does seems there's something strange about Firefox's clipboard handling... But even so it's still odd that it works fine for me most of the time but never for you.)

Are you using the latest version of Opus? (8.2.0.x) There were some changes a while ago to do with the DDE and the way Opus can be launched instead of Explorer for handling QuickLaunch menu shortcuts. Those same fixes may also help with the Firefox situation, although I'm really guessing here as it's all quite odd!

Yes I am using unicode (could this be the problem??) should I experiment with the ANSI perhaps?
Will the evaluation license work from one to the other?

The eval licence should work with either version and you should be able to swap between the two without any issues.

I'm using the Unicode version as well, although with FF 1.5.

These Firefox bug reports may or may not be useful. Some of them mention the clipboard being erased if you switch Firefox tabs, Ctrl-C being ignored if you have more than one Firefox window open (or selecting text not properly giving Firefox the focus so the Ctrl-C isn't seen by it), an old version of the (excellent, IMO) FlashBlock plugin corrupting the Firefox install and breaking the clipboard handling in the process, and some other stuff.

Doing a completely fresh Firefox install might be worth a try. I don't know why it relates to Opus on your machine for you but it's got to be worth a try and you can always backup your old Firefox profile/settings beforehand. There's also something about a clipboard bug that was fixed in FF 1.5 (I think).

If you find a solution let us know and I'll put it in a FAQ entry.

PS: There's a vague chance it's an interaction between Firefox, Opus and an Anti-Virus program, I suppose. Temporarily disabling any AV software as a last resort could also be worth a try.